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Silicone for fresh and salt water aquaria


Fire resistant acrylic sealant

FP Acrylic Sealant

Fire retardant silicone sealant

FP Silicone Sealant

Removes grease and dirt. Non smearing

Glass Cleaner

Over paintable immediately after application

Instant Paintable Caulk

Non-shrinking, ultra-light, ready mixed filler

Instant Plaster Filler

Ready mixed and easy to use

Mortar Repair Cement

Removes dirt & grime from PVCu

PVCu Cream Cleaner

Heavy duty cleaner for PVCu

PVCu Solvent Cleaner

Activator for cyanoacrylates

Superglue Activator

Unique acrylic sealant which prevents craze cracking with most paints

SX Anti-Crack Acrylic Caulk

Universal co-polymer sealant

All Weather Sealant

Flexible anti-fungal silicone

Bath & Sanitary Silicone

Neutral cure silicone

Building Silicone

Strong, durable, flexible adhesive for internal applications

Clearbond MS

Gun Grade Fire Retardant Expanding Foam

Fire Retardant Gun Grade Expanding Foam

Bond wood, concrete, brick, metal, ceramics and plaster

Glue Screws

Ultra strength instant grab adhesive

Grip & Grab Adhesive