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crylate sealants were originally used for their ability to be overpainted. Whilst this is impossible for silicone sealants, the results on acrylic...

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Fire resistant acrylic sealant

FP Acrylic Sealant

Over paintable immediately after application

Instant Paintable Caulk

Ready mixed and easy to use

Mortar Repair Cement

Unique acrylic sealant which prevents craze cracking with most paints

SX Anti-Crack Acrylic Caulk

Rain resistant immediately after application

Rainproof Exterior Caulk

Bonds wood, plastic, brick and plaster

Solvent Free Glue Screws

Decorators flexible caulk filler

Caulk Acrylic

Flexible sealant to give a professional finish

Painters Caulk-it

Flexible acrylic sealant

Window & Door Frame Sealant

Acrylic Sealants & Adhesives

crylate sealants were originally used for their ability to be overpainted. Whilst this is impossible for silicone sealants, the results on acrylic can be very good.

However, it is a fact that the composition of paint is constantly changing due to market developments and regulations (such as 2000 KWS and VOC2010). A different composition of paint means that the paint also behaves differently. The Den Braven Group has many years of experience in producing high-quality acrylic sealants that provide the best solutions in practice. We have managed to become an international specialist with customers in the global paint industry. Our international R&D centres keep close track of the developments in the market and work closely with several paint producers. This strategic partnership allows us to develop the best possible products. For example, we provide the solution for the most common problems when overpainting sealants - paint cracking and bleeding or migration.

Paint cracking is a typical painter’s problem. Cracking is a distortion of the film and shows long cracked lines or a pattern of small cracks (mud-cracking). Cracking is a problem in the finishing process and is not easy to solve afterwards, generating delay and additional costs. Paint cracking occurs in the curing process of paint on acrylic sealants. Cracking can be caused due to incompatibility between paint and sealant formulations, incorrect balance of binder in paint formulation (value or high coverage quality) and/or prematurely overpainting, causing dissolving of the top layer of sealant.

Bleeding or migration at the paint surface and the adjacent surfaces becomes visible through dark spots around the painted joint sealant or discoloration of the paint itself. Solving the occurrence of bleeding is highly time and material consuming and therefore very costly. Bleeding is a problem which occurs mainly with acrylic based sealants. It is caused by non-compatibility between paint and sealant. Our sealants with UCA®-Technology offer the highest guarantee to prevent bleeding.

UCA®-Technology is a registered brand of the Den Braven Group that refers to these sealants that are compatible with paint and prevents paint cracking and bleeding. Our UCA®-Technology is unique in the market for our proven products. UCA stands for Unique Compatibility Additives. Our sealants with the UCA-logo offer the best possible compatibility between sealants and paint due to selected raw materials, specialised additives and dedicated R&D and testing facilities.