Bath & Sanitary Silicone

Bath & Sanitary Silicone
Flexible anti-fungal silicone

A premium grade, acetoxy curing silicone containing anti-fungal compounds to prevent mould growth in areas subject to high humidity levels. Provides a long lasting, flexible watertight seal that is ideal for domestic or professional application. Good adhesion to most non-porous surfaces without the use of a primer.


  • Contains anti fungal compounds to prevent mould growth
  • Permanently elastic

Areas of application

For sealing around baths, shower trays, basins and sanitary ware. May also be used to seal assemblies of glass, glazed surfaces, porcelain coated metal, epoxy and polyester panels and finished wood.


Shelf life

If kept stored in a cool, dry place, in unopened original packaging, between +5°C and +25°C, shelf life is up to 24 months from production date.

Select your colour for the correct properties
Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
SXSS310C 5032822005937 Cartridge 310 ml

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