Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes
Quick, convenient and highly effective

A quick, convenient and highly effective cleaning wipe to clean hands, tools and surfaces.


  • Quick and convenient
  • Ideal for workshop, office, home or on the move
  • No need for lots of cleaners
  • No need for dirty towels, soap and water
  • One wipe does it all
  • Cares for your hands - has added Aloe Vera

Areas of application

SEALANTS & ADHESIVES – Uncured silicone sealant, epoxy stains, spray glue and rubber cement.
GREASE – Oil, lubricants, ink, dirt, grass stains, petroleum based products.
PAINT – Acrylic, spray, oil and water based products. Effective up to 24 hours after the paint has dried.
GENERAL CLEANING – Will refresh and clean old paint and sealants. Ideal for stain removal from most work surfaces.
PU FOAM – Uncured.


Shelf life

Storage between +5°C and +25°C and in shaded conditions. Shelf life is 36 months when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging.

Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
SXCLEANWIPEMP 5032822006668 Tub 80 x 30g Wipes

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