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Based on UCA Technology Easy to apply Remains flexible Minimal risk of cracking No discolouration of paint Instantly paintable

Apply. Paint. Done.

SX Instant Paintable Caulk saves you time and effort!

Do you need to finish paint jobs in 24 hours? Do you need to repair and paint shortly after applying acrylic sealant? Use SX Instant Paintable Caulk. This unique acrylic sealant is specially developed to over paint instantly with a nice finish.



"Great for use on shrinkage cracks. Paint immediately if required. Thicker and more useable than a lot of caulk. Good adhesion and flexibility. Permanently in our tool bags!"

"Before buying this i'd never used it so was slightly reserved as to how good it would be, but I was happily surprised, it's brilliant quality, can be painted straight away so great if you're on a tight schedule."


The compatibility of sealants with paint is ensured by our unique and proven UCA®-Technology. UCA® stands for Unique Compatibility Additives. Den Braven Group sealants with the UCA®-logo offer the best possible compatibility between sealants and paint due to selected raw materials, specialised additives and dedicated R&D and testing facilities.